Accredited Member - AMVHE

For qualified Vocal Health First Aiders

£11 per month

£19 per month with insurance (Annual Membership only)


Vocal Health First Aid Films

  • Ongoing access to the 10 hours of Vocal Health First Aid content (usually £5 per month).

Membership Listing

  • Listing on our online database as a Vocal Health First Aid, Accredited Member.

An Audience With…

  • Join Stephen King and Dr Jenevora Williams at live, monthly online events interviewing guest speakers from around the world (usually £10 per ticket).

Vocal Health First Aid Renewal

  • Get continued renewal of your accredited qualification (usually £82 every 3 years).


Coaching Cover

  • For an additional £8 per month, be insured to undertake singing teaching / voice coaching all over the world, including the USA and Canada online. 

Practitioner Protection

  • Be protected to undertake work as a Vocal Health First Aider operating within the scope of practice, to the sum of:

Public Liability £5,000,000

Medical Malpractice £5,000,000

Legal Expenses £100,000

Business Possessions £5,000

This insurance cover is run through For more information, click here.