Voice Care for Singers

Delivering all the advice you need on regular voice care and how your voice works, and presented in short and easy to understand films, this course was made with singers and professional voice users in mind.

We’ve custom picked video tutorials from our world-renowned courses (Vocal Health First Aid, Vocal Habilitation Professional, Fundamental Anatomy), as well as creating 5 new videos especially for this resource.

Presenters include Stephen King, Dr Jenevora Williams, Jono McNeil, Duncan Rock, Lydia Hart SLT, Eimear McCarthy Luddy, Lori Sonnenberg SLP, Robert Sussuma, Oren Boder, Joanne Bozeman, David Howard and Dr Phillipa Wheble.

Who is this course for?

This information is for all voice users: it is primarily intended for singers, but also useful for speakers, teachers, preachers, broadcasters and lecturers.

It’s like having a vocal health advisor on tap for an entire year. We cover everything from microphone technique to myth busting, equipping you with the knowledge you need to maintain a reliable, efficient and consistent voice. 

Course Cost and Information

When you sign into our online learning platform, you will be guided through 19 films that make up this fantastic resource. There is no assessment component to this course, however you can download and print a certificate of completion.

There are approximately 4-5 hours of learning content to watch in total and these videos are able to be viewed as many times as needed over 365 days from purchase.

When you purchase the course you will also be given a £10 voucher for you to spend on other Vocal Health Education products*. That means you get this for free!

365 day access only £10.00 incl. VAT

*Please note that the £10 voucher is applicable for selected products only. It is not valid for the Optimal Breathing for Singers course*